“I have spent my entire life in healthcare. We were babies when my dad finished medical school and our family proceeded to follow him around the state of Texas as he completed his residency. We grew up in hospitals, medical buildings and within his private practice. I was there from the very beginning and watched him build a successful practice that most people thought was ahead of his time. He brought multiple physicians together without ever compromising patient care. I’d like to think he’s the reason I decided to start Refer MD. When I work with a medical practice it is very personal for me. Our team works tirelessly to ensure success within your group embracing the attitude that failure is not an option and integrity is never compromised….just like my dad.”
-Kristina Collmar, President and Founder

Kristina’s career includes 17 successful years of marketing and sales experience in the medical community and pharmaceutical industry. Prior to Refer MD, Kristina’s corporate career included working for a large pharmaceutical company where she held various leadership roles within the organization that included recruiting, hiring, training and developing top tier marketing representatives. Because Kristina has personally covered the entire state of Texas as either a sales manager or a senior marketing representative, she personally understands the unique dynamics of each market while also having access to a talented pool of individuals that are rarely found online. It is through her connections and contacts that the highest quality marketing representatives are brought forward to physicians and medical practices that work with Refer MD.

Kristina’s career started in general medicines shortly after graduating from college. After proving herself in various leadership roles and multiple years of top sales performance, she was promoted into management. She went on to hire and manage expansion sales teams. Kristina and her team supported and launched multiple medical therapies, some of which were first to market. Following management, she went on to spend the last 6 years of her corporate career in oncology specialty sales where she continued to hold leadership roles at a local and national level. In the oncology sector, Kristina was selected to lead national brand and training initiatives that were piloted and rolled out nationally. She was identified as a regional trainer for all new hires along with serving as a facilitator for national training videos that were developed in the neuroendocrine arena and rolled out nationwide. Kristina also originated regional advisory boards that were rolled out nationally resulting in connecting sales representatives across the country.

Kristina Collmar

After years of developing relationships with multi-specialty physicians, healthcare institutions and networking with talented medical sales associates-Refer MD was born out of a desire to transfer marketing knowledge, personal experience and a keen understanding of the healthcare marketing industry over to the medical community. Why Refer MD? It’s simple. A combination of experience, a history of success and the determination to see your practice succeed are all the reasons to work with Refer MD. Refer MD is a medical marketing company solely dedicated to increasing patient referrals to your practice. Our services are custom built to fit your needs with a proven marketing model that connects patients to you ensuring your medical practice GROWS, EXPANDS & THRIVES.