Kristina, Allison and Mary

Outsourcing Your Marketing Representative 

At the heart of every successful marketing program lies a well-trained, experienced medical sales representative that is committed to building intelligent, meaningful relationships on your behalf. Why outsource your marketing representative? Our background at Refer MD allows us to specialize in what we do best, while simplifying the marketing process for medical practices.  It is nearly impossible to execute everything well, and while practices know they need to implement a marketing program often times this can feel overwhelming. At Refer MD we take the guesswork out of success and hold your hand every step of the way. A qualified referral specialist can deliver a substantial return on investment. Because we only hire the very best, you have a high quality representative at an affordable contract price with a marketing support team in places at all times. The result, freeing valuable time to practice medicine while we increase your bottom line and CONNECT PATIENTS TO YOU.

"I respect and consider Kristina a great leader to work with. Thank you for all of your help. Kristina is the voice in my head as I go out in the field and build relationships on behalf of our client."  - Brenda -- Marketing Representative, El Paso, Texas


Refer MD is only as strong as the people we hire. We take pride in hiring the best people on the industry to effectively represent your medical practice. Refer MD recruits, interviews and hires individuals with medical sales experience and a track record of success. Our experience in the corporate setting as senior level specialty representative, area sales managers and regional trainers over a 15 year career has allowed us to develop a rich pool of candidates that are rarely found through traditional portals. Refer MD does all the legwork to find the perfect person for you. Services include:

  • Refer MD recruiting resources to identify qualified candidates
  • Interviewing includes initial screening, face to face interviews & reference check
  • Present two qualified candidates to client
  • Facilitate final interviews with medical practice to identify best candidate
  • 100% management of representative through Refer MD short or long term contracts


Refer MD ensures that every referral specialist is supported with a specific roadmap that we call a target list. This target list is customized to reflect peer-to-peer physician referrals and community opportunities. Refer MD has invested the time to develop physician databases that are accurate, timely and organized. Through this important resource we are able to develop a roadmap that allows our specialist to hit the ground running on Day 1. Our referral specialists never go out into the community blindly, wasting time trying to figure out their markets. They are armed with the right tools and a proven system that works on your behalf ultimately connecting patients to you. Services include:

  • Identify and organize current physician referral patterns
  • Determine referral patterns that have diminished & troubleshoot improvements
  • Uncover untapped referral opportunities
  • Create customized physician referral target list
  • Ongoing maintenance and improvement of target list as referrals evolve


A skilled referral specialist has both the professional training and experience to effectively communicate information. They have the capacity to develop relationships on your behalf that are a direct reflection of your practice. When we hire and train the right person the gap is shortened, and impact is immediate. Our team works closely with your practice to ensure that everything your referral specialist emulates is a direct reflection of you. Refer MD's strength is the quality of initial and ongoing training with representatives. Services include:

  • Refer MD Sales & Marketing Training
  • Executing the effective total office call
  • Conduct clinical training with physicians & marketing representative
  • Ongoing training on client services & protocols
  • Customized training to meet your unique needs


Refer MD ensures that referral specialists are held accountable to executing meaningful face-to-face presentations with key decision makers. Getting in front of the "right" person and building relationships is what defines success. With large or complicated practices this could take a substantial amount of persistence, but if executed consistently with a seasoned expert the return on investment is high. Refer MD creates and facilitates a weekly call report where you the client can track progress. It keeps you informed on opportunities in your marketplace and competitive insight into your practice. Refer MD has the knowledge and experience to confidently assure our clients that your referral specialist is an advocate for you. Services include:

  • Weekly review of call activity & call notes from referral specialist
  • Ongoing feedback & planning for "next steps"
  • Access to online database to review referral specialist activity
  • Tool utilization allows planning for meet & greets, breakfasts or lunches


Refer MD is committed to referral building with an emphasis on driving results. Results come from a system, not a loose collection of occasional tactics. Whether you have a tracking process in place or not, we can support you in developing tracking mechanisms that work. Why is tracking so important? Every medical practice should pay attention to the return on investment when spending marketing dollars. There are many avenues for marketing that range from billboards to radio to websites, but people will always be your best and most honest source of information. Services include:

  • Development of tracking process that is specific to you
  • Real-time data for referral specialist to utilize in the field
  • Follow up opportunities to referring physicians existing & new
  • Report implementation to gauge progress & results
  • Access to online database on physician referrals